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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Make Success Simple


 “The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.” 

Being a leader, launching a start up or running an organization is not easy. The average workweek is a marathon sprint, emotional roller coaster with HOLY CRAP moments and daily challengesLate nights, poor diet and little contact with friends is the name of the game.

However with so much chaos and things to handle, over time it can quickly become overwhelming. Still, we need to succeed and taking the time to simplify your thoughts can feel like shedding weighted anchors off of your mind. Simply to focus and keep afloat. 

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How to achieve goals:

3 Definitions of Simplify


: to diminish in scope or complexity

Keep your vision and goals simple and clear. 

Channel your energy and focus to achieve greatness in one area rather than be mediocre in ten. With so much going on our minds can easily be bogged down by all the different things you need to do to the point you don't know what to pay attention to anymore.

Biggest sign of over complication, when stating your goals sounds like a run-on paragraph. A big goal shouldn’t be needlessly complex. Sure, the execution may be complicated, but your idea should be simple enough for everyone you know to understand. 

Your mission to become an industry leader, for instance, should be summed up in as few as a single sentence.

b : to reduce to basic essentials

Gives yourself more time on being amazing by focusing on the essentials ingredients of success. Follow the 80/20 principle and use your time where the bulk of your success will come from.  Focus on the BIG opportunity and not all of the opportunity. It will be the one that makes you different and special and forget about the rest of them till your done.

Not an easy process at all, letting go can feel as if you are choosing not to fix a hole in the hull of a ship at sea. However, this gives you a better chance of achieving greatness than spreading out you're time.  

Mono-task and reward yourself for the completion of tasks instead of counting how many balls you are juggling. 

c : to make more intelligible

Science has shown that the more we multi-task, the less efficient we are able to achieve greatness. 

When trying to accomplish two dissimilar tasks, each one requiring some level of consideration and attention, multitasking falls apart. Your brain just can’t take in and process.  Instead of actually helping you, multitasking works against you. It’s making you less efficient, not more.

Make Success Simple

By keeping goals simple and clear while reducing it to the basic essential, we can work intelligently to maximize our time and achieve more without being as stressed.

Post inspired by Boris Wertz from VersionOneVentures
Read his great post: Best word of advice: Simplify 

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