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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

January 27th 2021 - Working on Quest 2 Projects

 Last month I got a Oculus Quest 2 and I've been working on VR projects since. This is a quick summary of those projects.

VR Flower Explainer 

Updated and recreated the Flower Explainer Project to work with the Quest 2 Input system. I used Unity's XR Input system to make game objects interactable.

VR Gun Mechanics

I wanted to create a VR Fire Extinguisher Training experience and thought that the mechanics for using a VR Gun could translate over pretty well. There are a ton of tutorials for how to create VR guns so these tutorials were easy to find. 

VR Fire Extinguisher Training

Built using my skills from previous projects to create this. Main challenge became state tracking for the fire extinguisher as I wanted it to only work if you are holding it up in your left hand, unlatched the key holding it and holding the nozzle. I also used spatial sound for this one along with a video that's played in game which I haven't done before.

Unity Shader Graph - Toon Shading and other effects

Visuals are definitely an area of weakness in my skillset. I took a week to explore Unity's Shader graph in URP. Did some tutorials on toon shading which I think might be a way to improve the visual appeal of my projects moving forward. I've always loved cell shading and the art style of games like wind waker but I'm not sure I'll use toon shading for all my projects.

Regardless, after doing several tutorials I've found that the outline effect might be something that I'll keep as it can highlight what objects are interactable in a VR experience.