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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

How social networks makes us feel more loneliness

Fantastic video explaining how social networks makes us feel more loneliness.

Do you think those people with hundreds of friends, twitter followers and LinkedIn connections don't feel lonely ? Think again. This is a great video on how being in a super connected world, people are still feeling lonley even in a group.

Make time to truly stay connected with your friends.

By Stevie Vu
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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Does your organization have a hall of fame ? Grow your community through story telling

Hall of fame
Photo Source: Christian Ventura

Your hall of fame

"It says a lot about an industry when it cares enough about its work (and the people doing it) to go to the trouble of organizing this story. The music industry is particularly good at this--not only do they have a hall of fame, but they have gold records, Grammy awards and multiple ways to highlight and honor people doing the work."
-Seth Godin

I wrote in a previous post about "How to build your community using story telling" and a hall of fame is a great way to implement it. What better way to recognize those who have contributed to your community success ? After all, every organization is only as good as the people they have. Highlighting your contributors and shining a light on them is a way of honoring what they have done and bringing them in as a key player in the narrative that is your success story. 

This is especially the case where the contribution is done on voluntarily. When we volunteer our time we want to know that what we are doing is making a difference. Being recognized that our efforts are valued and then seeing how they are part of the organization narrative helps us see the impact we want to make. 

Also, if you do it well you can tap into the power of story telling ! People will forget what you told them. They'll forget what you did. But they wont forget how you made them feel. This creates a personal buy-in and connection to the success of the organization because now we are recognized as real characters in the story and not just a hidden cog in the machine. It can be a very powerful way to both retain and motivate .

Not only that, the hall of fame will help define the overall story of what your organization is about. Charting the realization of your mission and vision. If you use digital story telling tools, you'll help transform these stories into shareable content as well for social media.

With those free digital story telling tools what does it cost you to recognize those who are contributing to your success ? Nothing ! 

By Stevie Vu
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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Amazing Vancouver food event: #DinnerPartyYVR

If you’re going out to eat for the weekend, why not make it epic? A few weeks ago I attended a never-heard-of-before local, global dinner party organized by  Social BitesChimp and HomeDine. In the end I left with a smile, full tummy and unforgettable experience. From the beginning to end, the experience was unforgettable and I want to share with you what happen so you can be sure to attend the next one ! 

Monday, November 4, 2013

8 Tips for Community Managers

community management
Community Building Discussion Notes

As a part of NetSquared Vancouver I've been helping organize and attending all the community management workshops. From all of it I've compiled a post on 8 Tips for Community Managers regarding Time management, Community Building and Story telling. If your interested you can check it out here.