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Tuesday, May 19, 2020

May 19th 2020 - Animation and Sculpting practice

Continuing to work on animation basics and I've made a short clip of the classic ball bouncing.

Also just discovered Beeple and inspired by how he has been doing daily renders for over a decade now. His daily work is amazing with some of it feeling like concept art where I would love to see more of. I looked up a few interviews on YouTube and listened to his explanation for why he does his daily's and realized that it allows him to experiment and discover his style and how to create unique effects.

I won't be doing daily renders like Beeple but I do want to incorporate more experimentation into my practice. Here's one of my physics and particle effects experimentation.

Another one inspired from the controversy around the deadliness of Covid-19.

Sculpting is still an area I'm working to improve. I'm doing gestural sculpting to get better at creating shapes and continuing to study human head anatomy to try and create better and more realistic head sculpts.

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

May 12th 2020 - Moving on to animation practice

Just finished two advanced tutorials on CG cookie focused on vehicle sculpting and creature sculpting. Learned a lot from the process in terms of how to achieve finer details. One area that I know I still need a lot of work in is how to properly retopologize models based on sculpting. I'm definitely not an expert in anyway but I do feel a lot more confident and comfortable creating 3d assets that I might want or need now.

After I finished with them I also decided to put them together in a short 360 video as well. I'll be focusing on improving animation next.

Saturday, May 2, 2020

May 2nd 2020

Getting more comfortable and familiar with modeling in Blender and using the modifiers now. Still a lot to learn if I want to sculpt realistic objects but I'm confident creating simple shapes and forms now.

Also played around with my airplane model with a short animation using a audio clip from Dunkirk. While working on it I realized how sound can be really useful for storytelling when it comes to building anticipation.

Character Modeling

Character modeling is something I want to progressively get better at for sure though so I'm making a time investment in learning the human anatomy and practicing it frequently. Trying to accelerate my learning so I'm doing focused practice and study on the human head. Trying to create a human head without reference and then reviewing my work to identify where I'm making mistakes and to avoid making them again on the next attempt to get better more quickly.