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Saturday, May 2, 2020

May 2nd 2020

Getting more comfortable and familiar with modeling in Blender and using the modifiers now. Still a lot to learn if I want to sculpt realistic objects but I'm confident creating simple shapes and forms now.

Also played around with my airplane model with a short animation using a audio clip from Dunkirk. While working on it I realized how sound can be really useful for storytelling when it comes to building anticipation.

Character Modeling

Character modeling is something I want to progressively get better at for sure though so I'm making a time investment in learning the human anatomy and practicing it frequently. Trying to accelerate my learning so I'm doing focused practice and study on the human head. Trying to create a human head without reference and then reviewing my work to identify where I'm making mistakes and to avoid making them again on the next attempt to get better more quickly.

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