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Saturday, September 7, 2019

September 7th 2019 - First Character Sculpt

Finishing up the introduction to sculpting course in CG Cookie for Blender. This is my first ever time using this tool and I can see it being pretty useful for creating characters. However, I'm pretty bad at it at the moment and will need quite a bit of practice to get better.

My first Sculpted Character in Blender - Melvin
Here is how he is supposed to look like:

Melvin from CG Cookie

Thursday, September 5, 2019

September 5th - Just married & Update

My wedding is over and my wife has now moved in with me. Life is starting to settle down and trying to establish a new routine. 

I've looked over the courses in CG Cookie and it's definitely going to help in learning how to make better characters in Blender. Just the recent course I did focused on creating a character head and learning what makes for good topology and general modeling theory was already super useful.

With character creation as the focus, I've selected a bunch of different courses that I think will be good for me to complete. I made a quick estimate at the number of hours needed to go through all of them and if I can keep a steady pace I might be done by mid October. I'm hoping by the time I've gone through all of these courses I'll have a fairly decent knowledge foundation on character modeling. Here is a list of the courses I'd like to complete. 

  • Fundamentals of Digital Sculpting in Blender - 3 hours
  • Introduction to Retopology - 3 hours
  • Introduction to Hard Surface Modeling - 6 hours
  • Creating a Jellyfish - 2 hours
  • Sculpting the Wrangler Game Character - 6 hours
  • Introduction to Character Modeling - 12 hours
  • Modeling Realistic Characters(?) - 1 month
    • This would be great to complete but would take a pretty significant investment in time. I might revisit this in the future after I've finished learning a foundation in the other skills I think are necessary.

This is just learning about modeling and doesn't touch upon rigging and animation... Still so much to learn as I haven't even started focusing on what I'd like to learn in Unity yet. Regardless, each step should improve my VR Storytelling skills so hopefully in a year or two I can look back at how far I've come. 

I'll be attending Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF) for VR and AR again this year towards the end of September. It'll be my second year attending and I'm looking forward to learning more about how the industry is doing and seeing what others have created.