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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Staying connected

 How are you ? Busy

As you get older it gets easier and easier to get wrapped up in work and things you need to do. Combine it with procrastination and you'll hear "I'm busy" as a reason not to take time to connect with others as well. Saying no once in a while is fine, till it becomes a a habit. 

Say no enough times and one day you'll wonder where this rift in place of that close connection you had came from. 

Relationships are like a plant. You water them and keep them strong by connecting with one another or they die as you neglect them.You are either growing closer or growing apart.

After all, change is the only constant in life. “Change is the only constant in life.”

Schedule a time just to connect with those around you. Check in with friends with a simple phone call or text message will make sure that your connections stay strong.Take that step forward for yourself and for others. Send a positive text message or a quote once in a while. Sometimes a small positive message at the right time will have an impact bigger then you imagined. It shows that you care.You'll find that with those who are appreciate will return the favor to you when you need it as well.

Ive made it a point to schedule time in my week to connect with people in my life.  During that scheduled time I look at my contact list and call my friends till one of them picks up and we have a chat. From doing this consistently I've found that I have a bigger circle of friends I can rely on and trust then before. 

It makes for a happier life.