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Sunday, April 26, 2020

April 26th 2020 - Hard surface modeling

Been chugging away on the blender 3d modeling tutorials on CG cookie and started trying out hard surface modeling. I decided that with the corona virus issue going on and just staying home most of the time that a good project would be to recreate my new home and create a virtual tour of the space.

I want to create the virtual home tour project in Unity while creating all the assets in Blender. This has been my main focus and it's given me a reason to better learn how to use Unity. I have a better understanding of the different interfaces and how to change the settings dealing with environment lighting, material and textures. The light explorer function in unity is something new and is really useful for more easily adjusting lighting.

Video capture - 360 video
I've also discovered that the old tool that I used to use, Unity Recorder, has been decommissioned and no longer available. Looking for a new solution I downloaded the demo version of Video Capture in the asset store and liked how well it worked and purchased the Pro version which is on sale. Took quite a bit of time learning how to use it but so far I'm finding it to be much better than Unity Recorder with some interesting features that I think will enable me to make better 360 videos.

Getting better at character modeling is still a focus and I'm trying to practice doing faces. Should be sculpting more faces but I feel I've gotten better at doing eyes and eyelids. 

I still need to practice human mouths and noses a lot as I'm not sure what I still feel like I don't know what I'm doing in sculpting yet.

The current tutorial focus is hard surface modeling which I only started after creating the vast majority of assets for my Virtual Home tour. The approach and skills I'm learning from the tutorial are already showing me better ways to approach modeling which is a nice surprise.

All in all, I feel like I've been making pretty good progress on getting more skilled.

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