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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Amazing Vancouver food event: #DinnerPartyYVR

If you’re going out to eat for the weekend, why not make it epic? A few weeks ago I attended a never-heard-of-before local, global dinner party organized by  Social BitesChimp and HomeDine. In the end I left with a smile, full tummy and unforgettable experience. From the beginning to end, the experience was unforgettable and I want to share with you what happen so you can be sure to attend the next one ! 

Getting a ticket covers a homemade dinner where you choose among 30 hobby chefs hosting 30 separate charity dinners with a limited capacity of around 6 people. There were a huge selection of menus to fit every palette, from Italian to Indian to Moroccan. If you are feeling particularly carnivorous you could go with the bacon themed dinner or if you’re feeling like a herbivore attend the vegan dinner.

The ticket also includes an entry to the after-party at Hawkers Market featuring local dessert vendors, music by an awesome DJ and a bar. Combine all of this together and you get one of the largest community created and sponsored events the city of Vancouver has ever seen! 
I had dinner with the Wonton Girl and the hospitality was triple A quality. I was lucky enough to win a free ticket but it would have been totally worth the admission price of $35. She crafted an amazing 5 course with each meal inspired by a Chinese movie. Of course, her custom wontons were out of this world and I encourage you to check out her stall at Hawkers Market if you get a chance because there is nothing like them.
Jojo from wonton girl
Wonton Girl Cooking in the Kitchen and our 5 course Meal
Vancouver Dinner party YVR meals
The executive director of the charity we were supporting, hope for the nation, came to the dinner as well which made the dinner conversations very inspirational! 100% of all tickets for the event were gifted back to as Chimp charity dollars as well. 
Vancouver Dinner party YVR meals
The event carried went all night long as all 200 diners came together for some awesome after party curated dessert hosted by Hawkers Market. Giving everyone an opportunity to meet the other attendees and hosts and hear about their experiences. Those who represented a charity got balloons to identify them and of course as a event organizer I represented NetSquared Vancouver !
Guest from Vancouver Dinner party YVR meals
Balloon filled Social at the Hawkers Market
Make sure to buy a ticket the next time the event comes around. There isn’t a better way to enjoy a fantastic carefully crafted meal catered specifically for you with a small group of amazing people in Vancouver and support a charity at the same time. 

By Stevie Vu

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