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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

How to get a job and show you are a confident creative bad ass

5 ways to show you are a creative bad ass !

Sugar spice and everything nice !

Differentiate yourself by showing how sweet and cool you are with this Resume chocolate Bar. Found it through Tumblr and I thought there was more marketing potential to the idea. I think its a great way to show how much of a bold creative individual you are and I'll share with you how I would take this to the next level. 

1) Create a Resume Chocolate Bar

Making the resume chocolate bar isnt too difficult. All you really need to do is the following simple steps:
  1. Buy a chocolate bar 
  2. Rip off the wrapper
  3. Create your own wrapper with message on it. Make it in powerpoint, word or publisher.
  4. Tape or glue the wrapper to the chocolate bar
Pretty standard stuff, just make exactly what you see in the chocolate bar image. 

But how can you make this MORE AWESOME ? 

2) Replace the bar code with a QR code

QR Code
Make QR codes here.
Showcase your marketing savyness through using QR codes. Based on a study by Emarkerter, nearly two out of five Americans between 18 to 24 years old and 36% of Americans between 25 to 34 old reported having scanned one. The use of QR codes trends will only continue to gain momentum as smartphone owners continue to increase.  

Be creative with your use of the QR code as it is easy to insert anywhere you like. For example, you could take a picture of a boat with a QR code for the boats flag and have a pop up text message when they scan it to say "Hire me and I'll help your business navigate through the markets".

eMarketer’s latest statistics showcase that on average, 19% of US respondents - See more at:
QR Code trends continue to gain momentum as smartphone owners grow across the globe, and smart marketers turn to engage marketing to reach mobile consumers.  Released last month, - See more at:
Creating QR codes is  a simple process that you can do for free. With it you can lead them to do the following:
  • Send them to a url of your choice
  • Hide a text message inside of it
  • Phone number
  • Contact information so they can really track you down
I recommend that you lead them to your own website that show cases how amazing you are.

3) Create a webpage about why that company should hire you

webpage for yourself

After they scan that QR code you should lead them to your own personal branded website that further showcases your marketing genius. This is a great opportunity to point out your portfolio of great ideas, fantastic linkedin profile or reveal how popular you are through twitter and Facebook

There are sites that allow you to create a centralized web portal for yourself relatively quickly and easily for free such as or

At the very least you should lead them to a blog post of some sort that talks about why they should hire you.

4) Youtube the top 3 reasons why they should hire you


youtube top 3


Your stuck in the interview and you get asked the dreaded question, "Tell me about yourself ?". Youtube gives you the opportunity to record it, revise it and perfect that question. Not only that, you can show off more of your creativity through the use of props and movie effects as well.

5) Send your marketing plan and strategy to get their business to notice you.

Mail box
Photo credits
Why not send them a follow up thank you letter with your marketing plan and strategy attached ? With the power of analytics you can track whether they watched your youtube video or read your blog. This means when you see the stats rise up you can immediately do some timely follow up and show your marketing analytic's savvyness again ! 

Give them a call and bank that job.

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