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Tuesday, July 2, 2019

July 2nd 2019 - First Animated 360/VR skit update

Been a good week in terms of progress. Slowly tackling through my list of items that I need to complete for the Basic Queenie & Stevie Ramen Skit. Shouldn't be too long before I reach my goal. 

Key learning #1 - Project Organization & Workflow

Biggest key learning from the project so far is how to better plan and organize any future projects like this. I had made the characters in separate blender files which has made exporting it all the Unity a bit of a pain. I could probably have just kept working off of one master blend file and just moved the character to different layers and it would have been smoother work flow. During the Canada long weekend I also decided to make a new Queenie Chibi model which I think turned out much better than the one I'm currently using. At this point I haven't rigged it or even colored the new model but I'm looking forward to comparing it to my old one after I'm done.

It's been fun to be able to mostly focus on applying what I learn instead of just following learning tutorials. Starting to get much more comfortable and familiar with the UI for Blender that's for sure.

While working on this project I realized that I could probably spend quite a lot of time trying to tweak and improve things. My vision when I started was to make a basic skit that allowed me to apply what I learned and test to see whether I could bring to life what I imagined. So far I haven't run into any technical challenges that have been impossible for me to overcome. At this point I think I'm going to try my best to avoid project scope creep and move on as soon as I achieve the vision I had in mind at the start of the project.

Perhaps after I finish another project or two I'll revisit this in the future to remake it and compare how I've improved.

Next Focus Areas

Thinking about my next steps I'm going to focus on learning the basics for other skills that I have no experience in before making a list of key skills that I'll focus on getting better at. I want to get better at VR Story telling as fast possible. 

The three key basic skills I want to learn more about and gain a basic understanding would be:

  • Particle Effects
  • Environment Lighting
  • Unity Shaders

Afterwards I'll probably get back to focusing on improving my Blender 3D modeling and then Rigging/Animation. 

Here is a short video on the current state of the project. 

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