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Monday, September 24, 2018

Three Little Pigs VR 360 Learning Project

The Three Little Pigs is my first VR 360 video story telling project and I'm working on keeping it simple to learn the basics. I want to create the minimum assets needed to complete this project and have created a game design/ project outline. The main learning goal of this project is going to be learning unity Timeline and maybe a bit of Cinemachine.


Game Design Document

A short story 2 minutes that tells the story of the three little pigs. Characters will be miniature figurines with wood texture. 
  • Script/Story Board - 1 days
  • Timeline - 2 days 
  • Models -  7 days
    • (3)Three Little pigs - 
    • (1)Big Bad Wolf
    • (1)Straw house
    • (1)Wood house
    • (1)Brick house
  • Character Animation - Blender - 4 days
  • Audio Sounds effects/ Audio Recording - 1 day
  • Unity - Putting it together - 3 days
Total days = 18 days

As I'm working on creating the 1st asset, Piggy1 model  I'm learning that uv wrapping and texturing is what I'm most unfamiliar with and takes the most time. This is an area that could use some additional training and learning. 

I haven't started learning how to do animations yet but I think it'll take focus on learning that in the future. 

Since the model won't be moving I'll change the character models to look like wooden figurines and this should justify the stiff model animation and save me time.

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