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Friday, September 28, 2018

Three Little Pigs VR 360 video learning project part 2

Mostly finished the three little pigs VR 360 video project now. Main goal was to learn how to use Unity Timeline and unity Recorder. I think I have a basic grasp of how to use them so I'll move on to my next learning project.At this point I'll spend one more evening adding some details to make it visually look better but not going to dedicate too much time to it. 

Learning points :
  • Each character and asset adds a pretty significant chunk of time - modeling and then UV mapping it takes quite a lot of time.
  • Unity timeline - works a little differently from what I'm used to with video editing. 
  • Blender - Learned how to do basic modeling and UV unwrapping. Can also create fracture of 3d models now too. 
  • Unity recorder - need to turn off stereo recording if you want one video that has 360 viewing on youtube upload. Also need to make sure to tag the camera with "main camera". 

Project challenges
  • Unity recorder can only record at 60 fps
  • Unity timeline - synching events with audio is tough because although you can preview animations on the timeline, it doenst play sound at the same time. 

I'll revisit this project again in the future to do the touch up and deal with things like :
  • Lighting
  • Special effects
  • Sound effects
  • Character placement 
  • Character animation
  • Character model upgrade

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