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Monday, June 14, 2021

Furniture VR Design Prototype - June 14th

Here is a prototype I made using VR to design a space. 

Inspired from the Global VR/AR summit I attended last week.  It was mentioned how 3D models will be used more in online shopping because it gives you a better sense of what you are buying than a 2d image.

If providing 3d models becomes the standard and widely available it would make it easy to use Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality to help consumers decide whether they want it or not. 

VR Interactions and Save/Load System

Created the prototype using Microsoft MRTK for the VR interactions in Unity. The scrolling menu specifically was a very cool tool that's available through MRTK. 

The save/load system was something I implemented for the first time. It was implemented through storing the furniture rotation, position and scale information in a game save data class. Using the JSON utility you can then transform the save data class into a JSON file as long as all the data information is serializable.  

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