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Tuesday, August 6, 2019

August 5th 2019 - CG Cookie Initial Impressions

Biggest change this week was switching to the newest Blender 2.8. I really like the new look and UI of Blender, especially the templates that set up a recommended window layout for modeling, UV mapping and etc. Still in the process of getting used to the new Blender as they've moved things around as well as removed certain features and introduced new ones.

CG Cookie - Blender Mesh Modeling Bootcamp Review

I really like the way CG cookie has set up learning flows that go from basics to advanced. Gone through a few hours worth of courses now and so far the quality of the training has been great. Specifically I like how they go over the modeling theory and how to approach creating more complex objects. It was exactly what I was looking for. For example, one of my first blender projects I posted about was the 3d model of a Ninja. When I was working on that course and went through the steps of creating the 3d ninja there wasn't a lot of explaining behind why it was modeled the way it was. However, CG Cookie explains the importance of the creating loops and what good mesh topology is and how it helps in modeling.

Since story telling in VR is something that I'm interested in, creating better characters is a particular focus of mine. Which is why I'm really enjoying the section of the course where it's focused on creating a cartoon character.

I skimmed the initial basic introductory to Blender but if I have time in the future I'll probably go back to it. Just the brief time I spent skimming that section taught me some useful tricks and tools that I wasn't using before but should.

So far my time spent in CG Cookie courses has been worth it and will help me in all my subsequent projects.

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