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Thursday, April 2, 2015

My Personal Development Plan

The slight edge was a perspective changing book for me and can really be summarized through one key lesson. Developing a habit of consistent daily effort towards personal growth over time leads to success. With that in mind since the beginning of this year I have created my own personal development plan and this post will detail what’s been helping me achieve daily personal growth.


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Listening to podcasts while I drive to and from work has been the single most effective tactic towards daily personal growth I’ve implemented all year. I’m now easily achieving 1 hour a day of personal development since it takes me roughly ~30 minutes to get to work and back from home. It’s also extremely easy to implement as instead of hitting play for music on my phone, I just hit play on the podcast apps I have installed instead.

Udemy Online courses

Online courses has also been another tactic I’ve used to continue to learn new skills. Where I’ve found time to incorporate these online courses into my daily routine is during my lunch time at work. It wasn’t super-fast but through consistently watching a few videos every day at lunch ultimately it led me to completing two of the three courses and I have the certificates to prove it! It’s pretty easy to maintain this type of progress because each of the three course I’ve purchased has had all of the content broken down into short easy to digest modules.

Personally I use Udemy as there was a promotional sale where you courses normally priced at $200 - $400 were going for $10 instead! At such a low cost I decided why not try it? There are other sites out there as well such as Lynda that provide online courses on a ton of different things as well.

Mastermind Group and social accountability
Lastly, I joined a small weekly mastermind group that I have been meeting with every Sunday morning for the last half a year. Within the group there is a strong focus on personal development and we achieve that through presentations to inform/teach skills.  These presentations have been great for holding me accountable as I focus all of them on the skills that I’m learning/ developing. I highly recommend if you’re serious about turning continuous personal development into a habit that you find a group who share a similar goal. That social accountability can really help give you that boost of motivation to do it regardless of whether you feel like it or not.

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The combination of these three tactics form my personal development plan and has been relatively easy to follow. If you are considering creating your own personal plan I’d recommend at least try listening to podcasts on your daily commutes instead of listening to the radio.


By Stevie Vu

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