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Monday, October 13, 2014

Life is like Jenga - Life lessons

See that Jenga tower ? That Jenga tower is your life. Sometimes you think you are making the right move but it is really not. Sometimes you are not sure what to do next. Sometimes things fall apart and you have to put it back together. Here are the three things I learned while having a good time with my close friends playing Jenga.

1) Sometimes you fail
The Tower is going to fall. It is only a matter of when is it going to fall.

You are going to make mistakes and screw up in life and there is no getting around that and its exactly like the Jenga Tower. It is inevitable and it is a part of life. What I realized though was that failing isn't generally that bad. Making mistakes is part of the process and it helps you get better for the next time you try. 

2) Sometimes you really won't know what the outcome will be
As you slowly prod, poke and slide that way ward puzzle piece from the building you'll never know what the outcome is going to be.

There are times in life where you can only hope for the best. If you let the worry of what is going to happen next run rampant in your mind it'll start to affect your chances of getting a positive outcome. The doubt will manifest as tremor and shakes in your hands which will transfer and reverberate through the Jenga tower as if it was an accordion. Don't let negative thoughts which you can control affect your chances getting a positive outcome.

3) It more fun with friends and family
Jenga is way more fun playing with a group of friends and family than by yourself. 

As we grow older life gets more challenging with our increasing responsibilities. It can be easy to put off keeping in contact with friends and families as a result. However, relationships are like chalk lines. If you don't reconnect they fade away over time. Don't forget to make time and reach out to those important to you. 

Happy Thanksgiving !

My awesome friends at my Jenga hot pot gathering


By Stevie Vu
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