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Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Buried Life : A tale of inspiration, battle and dance

Addressing all of us at the"Be The Change" conference at the Langley Event Center, the crew from The Buried Life asked us the question :

What do you want to do before you die ?
My signed book written by The Buried Life !

A good question and difficult to answer. They were asking us to announce it at the front of the stage to hundreds of people in attendance. To announce to the world what was important for us to achieve within this life time, within the minuscule amount of time that we have and before we lost the opportunity to achieve it. 

With the encouragement of my friend Hardeep, we both walked up to that lonely scrawny microphone at the front of the stage. Being a gentleman of course, I let her announce her message first. Lost in my own breathless anxiety I only briefly heard her mention something about dancing together. I heard what she wanted to do clearly enough in just a few moments. 


 The crowd was astonished. The guys from The Buried Life was surprised. I was astonished ,surprised and a bunch of other things too. Especially since Hardeep doesn't break dance. 

Since the event was running short on time we had the dance battle after the event. Dave is awesome for doing it, regardless of a shoulder injury already that made it difficult to do too much. Maybe someday will have an actual battle.

Dance battling The Buried Life may not have been on my bucket list of things to do before I die, but it is now definitely on my list of things I'll remember til the day I die. Its not everyday you challenge a crew of guys you look up to and watch on TV after all.

The 3 take aways

The Buried Life had a great presentation and here are the three things I'll remember:

1) Make your bucket list

Do it now and do it as soon as you can. The reason why when they explained it was perfect. Writing them down helps make it into reality. Once you put it down paper you can then start treating it as a project as opposed to a dream. A dream is something you have while your asleep, a project is something you work towards completing and making into a reality. 

2) Talk about it

We can accomplish more amazing things through working together  than we can on our own. That and you never know who you might meet, I've learned that lesson time and time again. Tell the world what you are looking to accomplish and the universe will create opportunities for you to accomplish it. 

For example, you could randomly receive a message that The Buried Life is coming to your city, free admission to the same conference and get an opportunity to dance battle them.

3) Don't give up

If it doesn't work the first time, try again. If it still doesn't work, try another way. From breaking into the playboy mansion, basketball with Obama and creating their own reality TV show, not giving up has been a big part of why they succeed. Persistence is key to success.

Have you created your bucket list yet and whats on it ?

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