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Tuesday, June 16, 2020

June 16th 2020 - Tree Puzzle Game and Sculpting Practices

My current project is focused on learning how to make objects in unity interactable through creating a simple puzzle solving game. I figured I might as well keep the previous forest theme and made a tree where you need to insert the stone puzzle pieces into it.

I also used the terrain feature in Unity to create the environment and finding it to be a pretty useful tool with its ability to paint, raise the ground and create grass and trees.

Instead of completing tutorials as fast as possible, I'm trying to understand the coding so I can create my own experiences.

I've also continued doing head and gestural sculpting in Blender. Every practice session I try to focus on a new aspect of the body and study references for those sections. I feel that I'm making less basic anatomy mistakes and it's helping each sculpt look better than the last.