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Friday, July 3, 2020

July 3rd 2020 - Project updates

Tree Puzzle VR project

Completed the tree puzzle game. Had some issues with the puzzle slot detection and solved it by changing the colliders for the puzzle pieces and slots. The puzzle tutorial I learned from used a raycastALL which I changed to a simple raycast that I used for a vr pointer in a previous project.

The gestural sculpting I was doing before has helped build my confidence in creating simple shapes so I feel confident doing advance modeling and sculpting tutorials soon. 

VR I Spy

Created a I spy VR gaze based game. This was made applying what I learned from tutorials and also figuring out all the issues on my own so I'm pretty proud of it. I plan on making more levels for the I spy VR game as it requires me to create a bunch of objects which is great practice for modeling. 

I'm now starting to work on upgrading the visuals on the games I plan to use as VR portfolio pieces. Spent a few hours on looking up toon shading but I think I should take a more structured approach to learning shading in unity so I'll try that next week. For now I'll just make better models and texture paint all of them to improve the visuals.

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