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Saturday, July 4, 2020

Current Projects - July 4th 2020

This is a showcase collection of my current VR projects.

Flower 360 Educational video

This is a simple flower explainer video targeted at kids. Assets are created and animated using blender with everything assembled and recorded in Unity. It is a 360 format so you can use your mobile device or desktop mouse to move around to change the viewing angle.

I spy 360 VR Game Prototype

This is a 360 demonstration of my VR game inspired from I Spy Books I read as a kid. You need to click on the correct object to proceed and can find them by solving visual riddles. 

360 view

1st person view

Tree Puzzle - Simple VR Puzzle game mechanic

This is a VR puzzle game where you need to place the correct object into the tree slots to complete the level. This VR project was to learn how to create interactive elements and a game manager that tracks changes.

VR Underwater experience

This project was to learn about terrain creation and how to set up occlusion and program simple programmed interactions with the fishes and shark where they spawn and change behavior based on distance to the player.


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