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Friday, June 5, 2020

VR Project updates - June 5th 2020

I've swapped over to focusing on mini vr-coding projects in Unity. Been a while since I did any coding so it's been a slow start but here are two mini-projects I've completed so far. One is an educational 360 experience on flowers for kids and the other is a simple underwater experience where I was testing out how camera movement impacts performance.

Been learning a lot about Unity's features and the limitation of the 360 video recorder I'm using.

360 flower Explainer

I modeled and created everything except for the music. Comparing the flower blooming effect to my previous flower animation shows a big improvement in terms of approach. However, I discovered that the 360 video recording tool I'm using has an issue with seeing the UI elements which are supposed to show up. I emailed the developer about it so perhaps there will be a fix later on but otherwise if I continue using this 360 recorder I'll have to create objects with text material on top of it to get text/ui to show up as a temp solution.

I learned how to use signal emitters with the timeline asset which is great. I can see myself using that a lot. Also started using multiple smaller timelines which is making creating everything much easier and faster. Before I would just use one giant master timeline but using smaller separate timeline is way more efficient.

Bloom effect - Post processing in Universal Render pipeline

It took me forever to figure out how to get material emission to work. It turns out that since I'm using universal render pipeline for my Unity projects, you need to enable post-processing and add a volume to the project with bloom in order for it to work. However, sadly I discovered that the 360 recording can't capture bloom post-processing even though there is a check-mark to enable post processing.

Alien invader - toilet rifle

Made a simple shooter game and decided to model a toilet rifle gun. One big takeaway was that I used a quick building modelling tool add-on for blender to create the buildings in the environment. Really useful and easy to use add on that is going to significantly speed up city block creations if I ever need to do it.

Underwater experience

This is my latest mini-project. Learned how to create a fog effect and limit vision for the camera. Tested out camera movement and recording and fps takes a big hit when moving. I think this has to deal with the game needed to draw the environment as you move and record at the same time. If you play it as a game there is no issue with fps however. Simple coding makes the fish spawn and run away from you when you get close. Created a Spongebob Easter egg because why not.

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